How to Keep the ‘HIGH’ in ‘High-Functioning’

How to Keep the “HIGH” in High-Functioning

‘Lazy’      ‘Slacker’     ‘Unproductive’      ‘Couch Potato’      ‘Sloth’     ‘Unimaginative’    ‘Deadbeat’

These are the most commonly used words used to describe cannabis users – and they’re NOT true!

One of the biggest misconceptions in cannabis is that cannabis users are lazy and that they can’t  accomplish anything while high – which is FALSE. In fact, many people say smoking weed can actually have the opposite effect.

Did you know: Some strains are proven to actually make you more productive, more creative and ultimately more happy, allowing an individual to become more willing to accomplish the task at hand.

So, don’t let yourself fall into the ‘highly’ offensive stoner stereotype of being a slacker. Break the stigma!

Follow these 5 steps before you light up so you can stay motivated and productive:

5 Tips on ‘How to Stay Productive while High’ 

1. Create a ‘To Do’ list

Anyone who’s smoked cannabis before can affirm: smoking gives you a sense tunnel vision. Now, this laser-like focus can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on what you’ve set your vision on. For example, if your vision is snacks, then you’re most likely going to devour your entire kitchen in one sitting. Or, if your vision happens to be social media, then you’re most likely going to find yourself down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos or hitting the end of your feed on Instagram.

To avoid this:

  • Create a to-do list so you can stay focused on the tasks ahead
  • Set alarms
  • Set timelines for your tasks

2. Less is More

When it comes to dosage, follow the rule: Less is More. Your tolerance levels is specific to you , so finding the perfect balance of high and functionality is completely up to you. Know your limits by listening to your body. Before you smoke, ask yourself, “How high should I be for this activity?” And adjust your dosage accordingly. Use self-control and consume responsibly.

3. Sort out YOUR Strain

Understanding the cannabinoid and terpene content of a strain can help you prepare for what type of high you’ll get. To learn more about cannabinoids in cannabis – CLICK HERE!

CHECK OUT >Leafly< and discover ideal weed strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or pot edibles (based on hundreds of thousands of user submitted reviews). You can also use this tool to find additional information on desired effects and flavours. You’ll even a find a recommendation for strain lists which provides cannabis users with a useful tool to find additional information on strains.

Here’s a list of Leafly’s top productive strains:

4.  Get settled in your environment

Whether it be in your office, your home, or outside, be sure to keep yourself organized, hydrated and active. If you know that you’re going to need an extra boost of energy, prepare yourself a coffee or tea in advance. Sometime you need a little boost to revive your focus and motivation in the middle of the day. Depending on the environment around you, try to keep moving. Physical movement and/or exercise in between activities releases endorphins, bringing more oxygen to the brain which will improve cognitive function with respect to attention and short-term memory tasks. Lastly, if you’re working at a desk or within a confined space, then clear your desk and organize your work space so that you can better concentrate at the task at hand. No clutter = No distractions.

5.  Know what works best for you

Obviously, there are pro’s and con’s to getting high that are unique to each individual. Some people can concentrate better high, while others simply cannot. Because everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, finding your “get things done” strain will require previous experimentation and reflection.

If you’re finding that you cannot concentrate because the high is too much, another alternative would be to use a CBD rather than THC. Studies have shown that using CBD oil dramatically reduces stress levels because of its interaction with the ECS. CBD calms down your mind, so there isn’t so much static while you are trying to think.

When smoking – choose your weapon wisely (method of consumption). Vaping can be discreet and is great for those who are looking for a controlled and clean high.  For the most part, people who have tried vaping cannabis say that the high is more clean and clear with fewer sedative effects. Unlike smoking weed, a vaporizer only uses enough heat to evaporate terpenes and cannabinoids, but not enough to burn them. One last point, your productivity will be much better the next day coming off a vape high comparing to smoking high.


These ‘Productivity Tips’ are guidelines. They don’t necessarily work for everyone – so smoke at your own risk. DO NOT operate any heavy machinery, juggle sharp objects or light anything on fire. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dosages, so be an adult and pace yourself. Most importantly, don’t fall into the “stoner slacker stereotype” simply because you are high. Show the world that cannabis users are in fact professional, productive and active human beings who can stay productive while consuming.

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