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What do Craft Cannabis Producers, Organic Farmers, Specialty Breweries, and Boutique-Style Wineries ALL have in Common?

What do Craft Cannabis Producers, Organic Farmers, Specialty Breweries, and Boutique-Style Wineries ALL have in Common? 

Whether it be their uniqueness and exclusivity in the quality of care, or their meticulous attention to detail, one thing is for certain: consumers of all ages prefer…

  • Locally Produced
  • High Quality
  • Hand Crafted

Consumers often like to feel a sense of connectivity to whichever product they’re consuming. For those who would consider themselves to be some what of a ‘cannasseur’, the uniqueness and exclusivity of craft cannabis are attractive. For others, the ethics and identity of craft growers are a valuable asset. Most consumers levitate towards brands that align with their own values, such as environmental and sustainable practices. 

Will Canadian cannabis consumers put as much value on “local” as craft beer drinkers do?

The new revolution of supporting ‘local’ has been uplifted by the millennial generation and their quest for the best experiences and products. But the rise of craft cannabis in the industry could also hint at an increasing number of older cannabis consumers who demand premium products for specific conditions or purposes.

Similar to craft beer, craft cannabis is a unique combination of both art and science, which is used to create only the finest product, with exceptional aroma, flavours and effect.  It takes patience and practice to bring the genetic potential of each strain to fruition.

Consumers like to know who made the product, where it was made and how it was made. Most consumers levitate towards a natural, local, environmental, safe product. Often enough, these products tend to have positive side-effects rather than negative.

But in the end, we like to have choices. We like a variety. We like to feel connected to whatever product it is that we consume. The personal connection that a consumer has with a local product is why craft growers will continue to thrive alongside their bigger brothers.

POP QUIZ: What do beer and cannabis have in common?

Answer: Terpenes! Surprisingly, beer and cannabis have more in common than you would think.

Did you know: Beer hops are in the same family of flowering plants as cannabis.

Q: What do you call BIG corporations that disguise themselves as being craft cannabis producers?

A: Pretendicas

Craft Community

Socially and economically, craft cannabis means a lot more. Small-batch production means better connections between consumers, producers and products. By taking a quality-focused approach, the niche players fill a void that large corporations create by virtue of streamlining for a mass market. Meanwhile, successful local businesses help stimulate local socio-economic activity, which means that a craft cannabis industry would strengthen Canadian communities all over.

“As the industry develops, it is going to be the big guys who have paved (and paid) the way first.”

– Huffington Post –

What Defines “Craft Cannabis”?

  • High Quality
  • Hand-Picked
  • Hand-Cured
  • Hand-Trimmed
  • Limited Batch/ Unique Strains
  • Potency
  • Natural
  • Defined Aroma
  • Flavour/ Terpenes
  • Appearance
  • Free of Harmful Toxins/Chemicals
  • Environmental and Sustainable Methods

Generally speaking, cultivators of craft cannabis have the time to pay close attention to the details. The size of the facility is a major factor in cultivating high-quality cannabis. Seeing that their crops tend to be smaller, craft cultivators can grow the things that the larger growers cannot. They become personally involved with each phase of the growing and production process. When every plant gets the attention it needs, it shows in the end product.

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“With anything that we put in our bodies, whether it be food, beer or cannabis, it’s important to know everything that you’re putting in your body when you consume that product.”

– Alison Friendshuh, The Farm –

Although not all cannabis companies value social responsibility, the ones that do will push the envelope in the craft community more than anyone else. This is why more and more people are turning towards craft cannabis in the same way that more people are turning towards organic farmers, specialty breweries, and boutique-style wineries.

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