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Our Story

Our Story

Who We Are

Located in the Foothills Industrial Park of Calgary, Alberta, we value our vibrant community, healthy living, environmental sustainability and unrivaled free spiritedness. We strive to promote conversation by aligning cannabis with positive and healthy living in the form of happiness, relief, relaxation, and creativity through responsible consumption.


Bloom has extensive training in cannabis cultivation with specific expertise in light-cycle needs, nutrients, CO2 enrichment and temperature and humidity.


The devotion and respect that we have for cannabis is unrivaled. Our flowers are meticulously cared for by hand— giving each plant the attention it needs.


Our positive and educated staff members are trained to quickly and accurately determine the products most meaningful to the lifestyles of our customers.


Human touch meets technology. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most innovative building automation system and plant care system.

Meet The Team

Our cultivators are certified professionals with the education and expertise to properly inspect, handle and care for each flower.

The products we develop are carefully selected and tested, and only the highest quality are chosen. We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t purchase ourselves or share with our loved ones. We promise to deliver reliable, consistent and easily accessible cannabis products.

Kourtney Krysta - P.R. & Marketing Manager

Our Facility

Bloom Cultivation was given the first Licensed Producer approval within Calgary’s city limits and adheres to strict medical grade standards. The primary products that will be produced are cured cannabis flower, associated derivative oils, and concentrate extractions. Our facility spans 25,000 sq ft and we plan to expand to 100,000 sq ft by 2019.

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